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… portray your business as the key player in your market or is it an also ran?

… add value to your business or detract from it?

… lock out your competitors or leave them to help themselves to your customers?

Suppose a customer is interested in learning about (and hopefully buying!) some premium coffee, which domain name do you think they would most likely turn to – or

Like it or not, domain names now really do hold a vital key to customer traffic for most businesses. The good news is that, by carefully selecting that name, even small businesses can punch well above their weight in the marketplace.

6 golden rules for buying Domain Names

.COM is still king!  : with so many new generic Top Level Domains available now (ie .sport, .app, .club etc) it is becoming harder for a consumer to easily recognise the natural pecking order – except for one – the .com. Reassuringly premium now and always.

Keywords v brandable: keywords can accurately describe your business ie or Brandable names can take more money and time to build, though they can be memorable and provide an exciting edge to your business promotion ie, etc.

Radio test: imagine your domain name was being quoted on the radio; is it intuitively easy to spell, is a potential customer likely to be able to type it in first time and get to your website and hopefully not your competitor’s!

Avoid numbers/hyphens: as a general rule they just shout out that you’re second best and often make it hard to spell out. Sometimes it makes sense to include numbers or hyphens but this is very much the exception.

Length:  it is becoming more commonplace to see acceptable two, three and even four word domains now that they key single word .coms have been taken.  They need to be catchy, easy to remember and spell etc but don’t rule these out.

Trademark: as always, check that the domain name (and  business) you have in mind isn’t likely to encroach any trademark issues.

Win-Win Domains specialises in tracking down high quality keyword and brandable domain names and matching them to businesses who are best able to exploit them.


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